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We are CrowdedTent,
the brainchild of Anastasios Manoloudis.

And you're our favorite client, go ahead spoil yourself.

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web design & development

From Greece to China and then around the world again, we love creating highly converting websites, both dynamic, and static.

Our web development world evolves mainly around WordPress and we're a proud part of its community; organizing local events, attending and volunteering also in global ones, participating in any way we can.

graphics & visual communication

All started when we designed our own logo (...the story involves a hot shower and Apple's Keynote).

Since then we had the opportunity to create identities, logos and graphics for beauty and healthcare products (we're also developing their up-and-coming e-commerce business), the retail branch of an almond product company, the logo and graphics for the very first e-commerce website we developed (loooong time ago) and, very recently, we had lots of fun designing the logo for a browser extension, to name a few.

The web is an awesome place!

full service applications & smart homes

We are fortunate enough to collaborate with businesses, home owners & the public sector to design and implement solutions for them, hand-picking equipment and fine-tuning it to their specifications.

Be it a fully Apple/Mac (for example iSmile clinic) or a fully Linux based solution (for example Dr Kerasnoudi's clinic), to home owners that want to turn their properties to smart homes, either for their comfort or to better cater for their AirBnB guests.

giving back

Good karma some say, the truth is it's amazing to share and give back.

From supporting artists in their art and discovering 55 ways to pronounce the word Siglufjordur, to setting Chopin free and being able to write in Einstein's own handwriting. ?

And the ever so many ways to contribute to WordPress and other open source projects like it.

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